Call for contribution (video)


The organisers of the exhibition would like to give the opportunity to the community of HEMA practitioners to take part in the exhibition. In doing so, the visitors of the exhibition will also get a better understanding of the global aspect of the HEMA movement, in relation to the cultural aspect (exhibition) and combat sport aspect (tournament).

The output will be a series of short video clips of interpretation of fight books for display in the third (main) room of the exhibition on a very large screen (7x2m), in connection with the fight books on display (exhibition lasts from April, 27 to September, 30, 2019). Information about the three rooms are available here.

Any HEMA group willing and able to deliver a file meeting the specification below in time (submission deadline is February 28, 2019) will be included in a selection by the three curators (R. Gotti, D. Jaquet and I. Tzouriadis). The selected files will be on display at the exhibition, some of the non-selected files (but meeting the technical specs) will be published on the website of the exhibition.

Content (description of the final product)

- we are editing the videos for you, you only deliver one or several footage(s) of sparring! -

1. [5sec] the map of Europe with the logo of the HEMA group placed at its geographical location

2. [5sec] title of the type of discipline (listed in app. 1) and the source of the interpretation (fight book listed in app. 1)

3. [20-40sec] two fighters start out of range and perform one or several intensive martial exchange(s), composed of the moves chosen by the martial arts practitioners. But, there is at least one recognisable technique from the chosen fight book included in the exchanges. The selected technique can appear in the beginning, the middle or the end of the exchange(s).

4. [20-30sec] a focus on the selected technique. The screen is divided with an image of the fight book open on the page where the technique is described on the left, and on the right a video playback of the part of the martial exchange where the technique is performed (low speed, then hi-speed again). The length of this sequence is dictated by the reading of the technique in its original language.

Technical specification and guidelines for submission

(1.) delivery of the logo of the HEMA group as a separate file (on transparent background, .png, min. resolution 300dpi). On the form, specifiy the geographical location and the title of your group.

(2.) select the fight book you are interpreting on the form, and indicate which technique you include in your martial exchange, with its location on the fight book and provide a written transcription.

(3.) film your exchanges from a fixed angle with one camera (optional: another angle of your choosing with a secondary camera).

Footage of sparring session for submission to participate to the call of contribution for the Minsk exhibition. Group: Gagschola (Switzerland). Performer: Johann and Daniel. Images: Vincent Deluz.

Format: 16:9, one footage (or two if you have another camera)
Resolution: minimum full HD video (1080p), preferred with 2 or 4k (1440-2160p). 50 images/s (or 25 images/s). Target: 10,00 Mbits, Max 12,00 Mbits, AAC, 320 Kbits/s, 48 KHz, Stereo.
File format: container MP4 (preferred video codec H.264)
Background: As you wish or can. We suggest black or dark background (no ugly gyms with neon lightening please!).
Lightening: Make sure that the room has a correct overall lightening, if not, ensure projected light on the sparring partners. The brightest, the better.
Sound: Use the built-in sound recorder of the camera. The overall sound of the martial exchanges will be included in the video, but to a lowered level (no expectation on its quality)
Sparring equipment: To be chosen by the sparring partners, but ideally standard HEMA gear, as neutral as possible. No costume! If you wear black, then make sure the lighting is ok (black on black…).



December 2018                call for contribution (until February 28, 2019)
March 2019                   notification of decision and video editing from our side
April 2019                           release of the video (either on display at the exhibition or on the website)

Submission until February 28, 2019

Proposal to be sent by email (hema.minsk2019(at), including the completed form (download above), the video files and the logo according to specification (use Wetransfer or other platform for sending heavy files).