weapons’hall: Martial arts embodied

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The main part of the exhibition is dedicated to the tools of the trade of fight masters and their students. The objects displayed, the tangible, will be the material medium to navigate through the intangible cultural heritage of European martial art. Alongside these objects, interpretations of fight books will immerse you in the world and practices of modern day practitioners. Their deciphering of fighting systems, their rules, norms, canons, philosophies and ancient techniques brings European martial arts back to life. Material culture and modern practices will help in the visualization of this ancient art and in the understanding of the relationship between documented tradition and living tradition.

The forms of the weapons displayed here changed and developed during the period of their use. Some developed and flourished in warfare, others were designed for civic or sport purpose. Books and weapons are tools that usually sleep in museum or on library shelves.

Now we celebrate their awakening.