MASTER’s ROOM: A martial art put in writing

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The old warrior retires to write down his knowledge, after a life dedicated to master the art of fighting… This image is common in many ancient societies, in the East and the West, but not always accurate. Fight books were produced for many purposes. Some masters pursued fame for them, their art, or the prince they served. Others wanted to gain more students or to establish a good reputation. Interestingly not all fight books are authored by masters. Some are personal notes of students or teachers; others are luxurious gifts for the wealthy; some are copies of earlier fight books compiled for study, to serve as teaching tools, or collectible items.

The authors of fight books understood that the page is an inadequate medium to transmit martial arts. All wrestled to go beyond that limitation. In this room, the desk, the chair, the furniture and the wooden panels render the atmosphere of the home of the Renaissance master. The manuscripts are unique witnesses of a martial arts culture. The training weapons and the commemorative coins are testimonies to celebrate the masters.