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[Conference] Historical European Martial Arts. From the page to the gym

  • Minsk History Museum (Savitsky Gallery) 15 plošča Svabody Minsk Belarus (map)

This conference is part of the cultural program of the European Games, in relation with the special exhibition “European Martial Arts: From Vulcan’s Forge to the Arts of Mars” (27 April - 30 September), and the Historical European Martial Arts tournament (22-23 June). It aims to showcase the multifaceted aspects of HEMA, between sport (tournament), heritage (exhibition) and research (conference).

Historical European Martial Arts have been documented in the corpus of fight books since the fourteenth century, and fight books are still written today. Several revivals of past martial arts practice are documented throughout the history, but especially in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The recent movement started in 1990s has become global in the last five years. How do martial arts practitioners feed their modern practice with the fight books’ corpus? What are the processes involved into turning inscription, description or codification of martial arts written on a page into a contemporary martial arts practice or a combat sport?

With the participation of Karen Watts (Royal Armouries, UK), Sungsik Cho (ICM, KR), Ma Lianzhen (South China Normal University, CN), Hing Chao (International Guoshu Association, HK), Bert Gevaert (Hallebardiers, Brugge, BE), Manuel Valle Ortiz (AGEA, Santiago de Compostela, SP), Julien Garry (University of Burgundy, FR), Mike Prendergast (Historical Combat Academy, Dublin, IE), Anthony Rischard (Black Armouries, Clermont Ferrand, FR).