Behind the scenes of the exhibition part 6: Before and After

From the day the objects arrived to the gallery that is hosting the exhibition to the day we are ready for the opening 10 days have passed. The allocated space was formed into three rooms with moving panels. The floors were covered with black carpet and the walls and panels with black paint and black film to create the canvas upon which the objects of the exhibition would shine. Objects were unpacked and transferred to their appropriate rooms, display cases were cleaned and filled with books, manuscripts and small objects, and weapons were hanged. The empty gallery space transformed day by day to the exhibition we have planned. The fatigue of the first days of work quickly gave way to enthusiasm as soon as the Forge room was ready and the project was taking shape. In the end, after everything was prepared, litle was betraying the white empty space when we first arrived in Minsk. And the life of the exhibition is just beginning.